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The Garage

Ages 8 to 19

Learn to create web and mobile applications with block programming, including game design development in Minecraft: Education Edition & Roblox Studio. All this whilst learning math, science, design thinking, game development, and entrepreneurial concepts.

Our individualized learning method enables children and teens to complete our curriculum at their own pace. What’s even better is our flexi-time schedule, which allows you to book in a time-slot when you can during our opening hours. Call/Whatsapp +65 8145 5004 to book today.



The Garage I is the first level of creating web applications whilst learning math, science, basic game development and animation. Children learn the importance of coding to solve real-life problems too.


Scratch MOE Math

The Garage II is the second level of creating web applications whilst learning uppper primary school mathematics based on Singapore’s Ministry of Education curriculum.


Thunkable Mobile Apps

The Garage III is the first level of creating mobile applications whilst learning user experience and user interface design. Real-world mobile apps for iOS and Android are created.


BBC Micro:bit


Minecraft: Education Edition

Learn the fundamentals of game development through block programming in the world of Minecraft’s Education Edition. Themes include entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, environmental sustainability and much more.


Roblox Studio

With the programming language Lua, turn every child of yours from being crazy over Roblox gaming to becoming a Roblox game developer. Publishable games are developed through this course.