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Enrolment at Empire Code Education Centre Pte. Ltd. (also knows as “Empire Code Education”, “we”, “our”, “us”)

1. There shall be no refund on payment made on course fees.

2. There shall be no replacement class or prorate on course fees for lessons missed by students. Credits will be deducted accordingly.

3. For any late cancellations of less than 24 hours, credits will be deducted accordingly.

4. If your child has been booked in for class, and you have cancelled the class less than 24 hours before class starts, on the account that your child is sick, this is still regarded as a late cancellation and Credits will be deducted accordingly. Please submit your child’s Medical Certificate as proof if you would like for deducted credits to be reinstated.

5. Trial Class, ONLY one cancellation allowed. Thereafter credit will be deducted accordingly.

6. Expired credits will be forfeited.

7. There is strictly no extension of class time. If you are late bringing your child for class, class will still end on time, as per confirmed class booking.

8. Empire Code Education does not guarantee that your child will be able to attend any particular class or timeslot or receive classes from any particular staff. Teacher’s details are not provided prior to the start of class, and Parents are under no circumstances, allowed to request for a specific Teacher. This is to prevent favoritism/discrimination towards any staff.

9. Your child cannot commence or continue classes with us while any fees are outstanding and unpaid. Your child’s place in a class shall not be confirmed until and unless full payment has been received by us.

10. You agree to fully disclose all necessary information needed for your child’s enrolment and continued enrolment with us. In the event that it’s been brought to our attention that information considered necessary for enrolment is false or withheld, we have the right to suspend or terminate your child from all classes.

11. Empire Code and our respective staff and trainers will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of personal devices.

12. You and your child shall be responsible for the security, safety and use of your own personal property on our premises or while otherwise availing of our services, and Empire Code and/or its Staff shall not be held liable for hurt, injury, loss or damage to you, your child, and any of your personal property arising therefrom.

13. Our Bookings hotline is only operational during working hours, as stipulated on our website. Any queries made during non-working hours will not be entertained, and will only be catered to during working hours.

14. Empire Code shall not be held responsible for any accidents or mishaps should it happen due to causes beyond the control of Empire Code.

15. In the event that you are late in picking up your child from our premises, the credit deduction policy for late pick-ups are as follows:

– More than 5 mins: Half (0.5) credit deduction
– Between 15 mins to 30 mins late pick up: One (1) credit deduction
– More than 30 mins late pick up: Two (2) credit deductions

16. Our premises are not child care centres and we do not provide care, custody, crèche, nursery, babysitting or such similar services. Empire Code and/or its Staff accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the custody or care of any child, whether the child is travelling to, attending or leaving our premises for the purposes of our services. It is your responsibility to ensure that your child is sent to, attends at and leaves our premises in a timely, safe and orderly fashion.

17. Only attending students who have been booked in for class, are allowed into the classroom. Under no circumstances are friends/ siblings/ acquaintances of attending students, allowed to sit in and watch the class. In the event that this occurs, the child will be escorted out of our premises and an adult is to collect the child. While siblings are allowed to share packages and some siblings do attend classes at the same time, please ensure that sibling of attending child has been registered and has a booking confirmation for class.

18. Empire Code reserves the right to terminate a child’s classes with immediate effect in the event that you or your child demonstrates behaviour that is deemed detrimental to the welfare or safety of our staff and other attendees of our premises, or for any other reason that Empire Code deems fit and proper in its absolute discretion. In the event that a child’s classes are all terminated from Empire Code pursuant to this clause, we will not be under any obligation to initiate any refunds. Without prejudice to the generality of this condition, examples of when we may exercise our right include (but is not limited to) cases where you or your child:

a) cause or threaten to cause physical injury to other parents, students and/or Staff for any reason;

b) use threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour towards other parents, students and/or Staff;

c) harass, cause alarm or distress to other parents, students and/or Staff;

d) fail to comply with any policy, guidelines, code of conduct, regulation, notice, direction or instruction given by Empire Code or any Staff in relation to the conduct of classes or the use of our premises or items or any matter relating to the provision of our services;

e) persistently behave in a manner that is disruptive and prevents the continuation of classes or the provision of our services;

f) use, disclose or disseminate any of Empire Code Education’s or our entities’ trademarks or copyright material without obtaining our prior written consent; or

g) do not pay any fees payable to us and which are outstanding and remain unpaid.

19. Should any investigations be deemed by Empire Code (in its sole discretion) to be necessary or appropriate, the child may be suspended from any or all classes pending such investigation.

20. Empire Code Education reserves the right to make changes to the following, at its sole discretion:

a) Make any changes to the conduct of both physical and online classes, including but not limited to, combining, dividing or dissolving a class, changing the trainers, rescheduling classes, and varying the manner in which classes are conducted.

b) refuse entry to the child if the child is deemed to be unwell, or if we have reason to believe that the child has been in contact with or has been exposed to another person who is harbouring or is likely to or is suspected to harbour the agents of an Infectious Disease.

21. You further acknowledge that you shall have no right to use any trademark owned or used by Empire Code Education and/or our entities without our express written consent.

22. You shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Empire Code and its Staff from and against all loss, claims, demands or causes of action and any liabilities, damages, costs or expenses resulting therefrom (including expenses and legal fees on an indemnity basis) caused by, arising out of or relating to the breach of or non- compliance with these Terms & Conditions on your or your child’s part, or arising out of any wilful default, misconduct or negligence on your or your child’s part.

23. You shall indemnify Empire Code against any loss, cost, claim and expense (including legal costs on any indemnity basis) that we may suffer or incur in protecting or enforcing any of our rights under these Terms & Conditions.

24. We hold complete rights to make changes to these Terms and Conditions without any prior notice.

Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Consent

When you provide us with personal information to complete a transaction, enrol on our course, verify your credit card, place an order, we imply that you consent to us collecting your personal information and agree and consent that your personal data provided may be collected, used, processed and disclosed by Empire Code for the purposes of processing your registration, as well as for the programme delivery involved, invitations to future events and online surveys, marketing and promotional activities on print and social media, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 and all subsidiary legislation related thereto. In respect of disclosure, I understand that Empire Code may disclose my personal data to affiliated organisations and partners (which may be in or outside of Singapore) where necessary for the above-stated purposes.

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